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We will organize workshops and special events on different topics on a regular basis.
Stay tuned!

WORKSHOP: Mastering Chaturanga

Sunday, 26 February 2023

Chaturanga dandasana, or four-limbed staff pose, is the transition from high-to-low plank integrated into the Sun Salutation sequence of Vinyasa Yoga. Executing the posture requires arm strength, wrist flexibility, shoulder stability, and core integration, serving as preparation for arm balances and inversions. However, chaturanga is often done prematurely without proper understanding of alignment, acting as a common cause of yoga injury.

In “Mastering Chaturanga”, Ananda will offer a step-by-step breakdown of alignment, easy-to-do warm-ups, hands-on assists, individual attention, and open forum for inquiry.

This 2-hour-long workshop serves to:

  • Explain the optimal biomechanics of the shoulders, arms, and core in chaturanga dandasana
  • Explore warm-ups and preparatory poses
  • Exhibit how to flow through chaturanga safely
  • Promote longevity in the yoga practice

All levels are welcome:

  • The beginner will be equipped with tools to feel informed and safe in a fast-moving Vinyasa class.
  • The seasoned practitioner will refresh his/her knowledge on that which has become routine, recognizing and reversing chronic patterns of misalignment and habits that lead to injury over time.

Mastering chaturanga will not only elevate your practice to the next level, it will result in a more conscious, self-caring, and sustainable yoga practice! 

WHEN: Sunday, 26 February 2023, 11:00 – 13:00
WHERE: The House of Yoga, Rue de la Paix 14
PRICE: €35

Candlelight Pisces New Moon Ceremony

Sunday, 19 February 2023

Join Emily Torockio at The House of Yoga for a second New Moon Ceremony – this time a special restorative yoga session honoring the Pisces New Moon.

Pisces is the final water sign of the zodiac and rules imagination, dreams, creativity, and the full, rich, multifaceted world of our emotions.

New moons are a time for fresh starts, beginnings, the setting of intentions. We will spend time in the comfort of supported, restorative poses, and with the help of directed breath and music, be guided to connect more deeply with our visions, desires, and intuitions. The ceremony will end with a group intention ritual.

This 90-minute workshop will include:
• a brief talk about the astrological meaning of a Pisces New Moon
• a restorative yoga practice
• breathwork
• a candle intention meditation
• a group intention ritual

Please dress in cozy, comfortable clothes, and a bring a journal and something to write with.

WHEN: Sunday, 19 February 2023, 18:30 – 20:00
WHERE: The House of Yoga, Rue de la Paix 14
PRICE: €35


Saturday, 25 February 2023

Join our first community event!

On Saturday, 25 February, Bruce will be bringing the winter edition of Yoga & Brunch Social to The House of Yoga, featuring brunch by The Wild Lab.

The event will start with a 75-minute vinyasa flow led by Bruce, working up an appetite for the brunch that will follow — courtesy of, none other than, The Wild Lab. We’ll gather and socialise over a nutritious and tasty vegetarian brunch.

Join us for a day of community, good vibes and delicious food.

Brunch menu:
– Bun or Toast
– Banana Bread or Vegan Cake
– Vitality Shot

WHEN: Saturday, 25 February 2023, 11:30 – 13:30
WHERE: The House of Yoga, Rue de la Paix 14
PRICE: €45 online payment and booking or €42 in-studio cash payment and booking.

NOTE: Email us at by 23 February to inform us about your choice of dishes! 

WORKSHOP: The Road to Handstand

Sunday, 5 & 12 February 2023

Learning how to handstand can often feel like a very scary task. But if we start with the basics and really master the fundamentals, then our inversion practice will grow.

Join Daniel for 2 sessions in February – each of which will be 2 hours long – to either start or deepen your handstand practice.

In these sessions, you will learn and refine techniques to prepare you to go upside down with ease and tools that will help you in your personal practice to continue working on your handstand on your own whenever and wherever you are.

5 February 2023, 14:30 – 16:30
Basic Handstand session – Beginners and all levels.

In this first session, participants will receive a solid base and the tools with which they can start their handstand practice or take it to a higher level safely and efficiently.

We will cover the following topics:
• Physical and technical preparation for handstand
• Correct handstand alignment
• Balance strategies: where does the balance lie?
• Wall work basics
• Partner work: correct spotting

12 February 2023, 14:30 – 16:30
Intermediate / Advanced session.

This second session is intended for those who can hold a handstand for a few seconds or for those who want to challenge themselves in a more advanced practice. The main objective is to further improve the balance technique and challenge students’ creativity.

We will cover the following topics:
• Shoulder biomechanics
• Advanced wall work
• Handstand variations
• Handstand creative entrances
• Progression methodology
• One arm bases

WHEN: 5 & 12 February 2023, 14:30 – 16:30
WHERE: The House of Yoga, Rue de la Paix 14
PRICE: €35 for one of the two sessions; €60 for both sessions.

BETWEEN SEA & SKY: Your Island Yoga Retreat

13 - 20 May 2023, Ischia (Italy)


Spring is the time of the year which marks the triumph of light over darkness and is the harbinger of the growth to come. This is the season of renewal and hope.

This renewed sense of awakening can bring a fresh perspective to our yoga practice and encourage us to learn new things with an open mind and joyful playfulness.

Allow Elena and Lisa to guide you through this process. Join them from 13 – 20 May 2023 for a 7-night retreat, complete with yoga, meditation and pranayama practices twice daily, fresh and traditional Italian meals 2 times a day, private and secluded access to the sea and to warm thermal water pools at the stunning Club Scannella, hidden on the breathtaking island of Ischia in the Gulf of Naples in Italy.

CLUB SCANNELLA – your seaside home

Club Scannella is a perfect paradise for those seeking the silence, scents and real life of the sea. It stands on the wild rocky coast on the south of the island, overlooking one of the clearest expanses of water in the Mediterranean and immersed in nature, amidst agave flowers and fragrant helichrysum.

Our daily yoga practices will take place on a dedicated and fully-equipped terrace overlooking the bay, practicing immersed in nature, breathing in the smell of the sea and flowers, listening to the sound of the waves.

The rooms all come with their own private bathroom and ceiling fan. Room with a sea view? No need to ask, as there are no alternatives! All rooms come with private terrace overlooking the bay. Rooms may be taken as twin share/double or single.

Typical Day at the Retreat:

  • Morning yoga practice
  • Breakfast at the retreat’s restaurant
  • Optional excursions
  • Free time at our private beach with sunbeds and umbrellas
  • Evening yoga practice
  • Dinner at the retreat’s restaurant

Note: The retreat will take place during Ascension week in May, from 13 – 20 May 2023. Thursday, 18 May is a public holiday in Belgium.


The retreat price is inclusive of:

  • 7-nights accommodation in a double or single room with private bathroom
  • Daily breakfast and dinner at Club Scannella’s restaurant
  • Twice daily yoga and meditation practices
  • Private access to the sea and to warm thermal water pools, inclusive of sunbeds and umbrellas

Not included is your flight and transport to and from Ischia. If participants wish to travel together on the same flights, there is the possibility for us to arrange the shuttle and ferry together.

Early bird rates are available if booked and paid in full by 28 February 2023!

  • Double with private bathroom: early bird, 1250€ | regular rate, 1345€ p.p.
  • Single with private bathroom: early bird, 1395€ | regular rate, 1485€ p.p.

Payment plans for regular rates are available!

There is a possibility to help arrange another participant to share with you if you are coming solo, but would like a double room.


We will organize optional excursions, such as

  • Poseidon Thermal Baths
  • Villages of Forio and Sant’Angelo
  • Guided island tours

There is the option to collectively rent a couple of cars and/or scooters through the retreat center and explore the island together.

*For bookings, info and travel recommendations, please email us at*


Sunday, 22 January 2023


In this workshop, led by Emily Torockio, we will continue to work with the energy of the sky in a special ceremony for the Aquarius New Moon. New moons are traditionally time to manifest and set intentions.

This 90-minute workshop will consist of:

  • a brief talk about the astrological meaning of an Aquarius New Moon
  • a music-driven yoga flow
  • breathwork
  • guided visualisation
  • a group manifestation ritual to speak our desires into the new year

WHEN: Sunday, 22 January 2023 from 16:15 – 17:45
WHERE: The House of Yoga, Rue de la Paix 14
PRICE: €35

STAR CAMP: A week of movement inspired by the universe.

9 – 15 January 2023


Join Emily Torockio at The House of Yoga in the new year for a week of movement practices designed to help you work with the energies of the celestial bodies that rule each day of the week. In each of these sessions, we will talk about what each planet and star represents, and the strengths from them that we can bring into the day they govern over.

Throughout this week, we will explore the energies of 7 different planets – the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and the Sun – and align our yoga practice and different types of movement with them.

*All of the above classes with Emily may be booked with your regular class passes and memberships.*


Sunday, 27 November 2022

Join Shannon van Staden for this highly renowned workshop. Give yourself the gift of yin and sound healing — a soothing self-care practice. Shannon’s gentle yin postures conclude  with a beautiful, long and nourishing alchemy crystal sound bath.

We will focus on the upper body to release tension and increase mobility.  In addition we will rebalance the nervous system leaving you feeling light and carefree.

Yin yoga is a practice for all levels and is mostly lying down or seated in stillness. It will keep you mobile and deeply relax your nervous system. You will find peace of mind in this meditative practice especially designed for the times we live in.

The class has a beautiful ending — a long and deeply relaxing savasana, which is accompanied by a soundscape of alchemy crystal singing bowls.  The perfect way to end your Sunday and set you up for the week ahead.

WHEN: Sunday, 27 November 2022
from 18:15 – 19:45
WHERE: The House of Yoga, Rue de la Paix 14
PRICE: 25 Euros for active studio members (with a valid class pass or membership) / 30 Euros for non-studio members
Book your spot through our booking app!


Saturday, 15 October 2022

Yoga is often thought of as a practice only suitable for flexible and athletic girls. However, we firmly believe that yoga is for everyone, regardless of their age, gender, body type and background.

If you’re a guy who is curious about yoga, this is the workshop for you!

This workshop will be designed specifically for men – especially men who have limited mobility in their hips, hamstrings, and shoulders to learn mobilise and strengthen these areas with dynamic movement.

Through this event, we hope that we’ll be able to debunk some myths and stereotypes about yoga being only for girls and access the benefits that this practice can provide you with.

Led by our teacher Bruce Chung, this workshop will be addressed to every guy who at least once wanted to give yoga a try but was intimidated by having “only girls” around them in the class.

WHEN: Saturday, 15 October 2022
from 11:30 – 12:45
WHERE: The House of Yoga, Rue de la Paix 14
PRICE: €25
Book your spot through our booking app!


17 - 18 September 2022


Ahead of our official launch, we will be hosting an Open Doors Weekend on 17 and 18 September 2022.

During this weekend, we will offer you a selection of the classes you’ll find on our schedule. Check out our programme and book your spot.
Places are limited! 

All the classes held on this weekend will be for FREEyou’ll have the opportunity of making a donation in cash after class if you’d like to support us.

Book your spot through our booking app!