The House of Yoga

Practical Info and Etiquette

Cancellation policy: Classes may be cancelled without incurring into a fee up to max. 3 hours in advance. In case of late cancellations or no-shows, classes will be charged in full or deducted from your class pass.

If you are the holder of an unlimited membership or a Trial Pass, our system will apply the following measures with immediate effect:

  • A no-show penalty fee of €10 and €7 respectively will be charged to unlimited membership and Trial Pass holders 
  • As of the second late cancellation per month, a fee of €7 and €5 respectively will be charged to unlimited membership and Trial Pass holders
To ensure fairness among all students, these measures apply automatically with no exceptions.

Waitlist: Being on a waiting list for a class is like a commitment to joining that class. If a spot becomes available up until 2 hours before class you will automatically be added to the class and informed by email. If you were waiting for a spot but have changed your plans in the meantime, please remove yourself from the waiting list, otherwise you run the risk of being automatically added to the class and losing your credit if you can no longer make it to class. Keep an eye on your emails if you decided to join a waitlist!

Timing: Please arrive at least 5 – 10 minutes prior to class (especially if it is your first class!) to be on your mat at the class start time and be respectful towards teachers and fellow students. We do not allow late entry. No exceptions will be made. If you have booked online and arrive after check in closes, you forfeit your spot without being refunded. In case of late check-in, your space may be released to someone on the waiting list.

Self-practice time: You may access our studio during our opening hours and outside our group classes to use our mats and equipment and practice by yourself for up to 45 minutes. In order to access the studio, you must hold a valid membership or class pass. A credit will be charged from class passes. 

Check-In: Please always check yourself in at the reception.

Shoes: Please take off your shoes upon arrival and leave them in the dedicated storage space at the entrance.

Phones: Phones are not allowed in the yoga practice room. Please leave them in the changing rooms and in the dedicated storage spaces either in silent mode or turned off.

Silence: The yoga practice room is a place for practice and meditation. Please be mindful of your fellow students by observing silence before class.

Respect: Be respectful towards your fellow students, the teacher, the space, and yourself.

Leaving: Try to stay for the whole duration of class. If for some reason you cannot stay until the end, please let the teacher know ahead of class and leave silently just before savasana (final relaxation phase).

Clean Up: After class, please wipe down the mat you used and place your props in the dedicated storage.