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The House of Yoga is proud to present a team of dedicated and knowledgeable yoga teachers to provide you with the best possible experience and guide you along your yoga journey.

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Andrew has been a yoga teacher for the past four years, guiding students through their practice in Scotland, London, Washington DC and Brussels. If it’s your first time on the mat or your 999th, Andrew will ensure that you’re offered the variations that work for you…all whilst serenading you with one of his famous Spotify playlists. Whether it’s a fast-flowing vinyasa or a spicy yin-yang, Andrew has a passion for creating a space where students can show up exactly as they are and move through their practice free from self-judgement. A firm believer in not taking life so seriously, Andrew will make sure you leave class feeling lighter, bouncier and free.

A lifelong lover of movement, Léa discovered yoga in 2015, after years of practicing track and fields and several injuries. She completed her first 200-hour teacher training in Brussels with Bruce Chung and Donovan Farquharson and in the constant pursuit of learning, she is currently completing a 300-hour program with Awakening Yoga Academy with Carling Harps and Patrick Beach. Léa’s practice is equally playful and dynamic. Always sneaking in a bit of core, she will help you build strength and eventually make your way to more advanced poses through a safe and step-by-step approach. Expect a fun and challenging class!

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Elena is the founder of The House of Yoga. She is Italian, but moved to Brussels in 2012. That’s also the year when she first found yoga. After several years of yoga practice and retreats, in 2018, she took a break from her then full—time job to take her first yoga teacher training at the Hawaii Yoga Institute. She soon realised that this was the path she was meant to be on and that’s when the first seeds of The House of Yoga were planted. In 2021, she decided to quit her job to follow her dream and write a new chapter of her life – teach yoga full-time and build her own yoga studio. To Elena, yoga has always meant finding balance in a life full of obligations and responsibilities; finding time and space to be more in tune with her own feelings and emotions. Elena’s classes are playful and energising flows. She believes she’s her best self when she’s on her mat, and wishes to empower everyone to access their true self through the practice of yoga. Her motto is “good decisions come from a calm mind”.

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yoga teacher


For over a decade and across four continents, Bruce has dedicated himself to inspiring yogis around the world. From Toronto to Singapore, Hong Kong to Dublin, and Bangkok to Cape Town, his personal practice is as varied as the places he has lived, and he has cultivated a teaching style that reflects his global perspective. Bruce’s thirst for knowledge has led him to acquiring thousands of hours of training from world-renowned teachers like Briohny Smyth, Dice Iida-Klein, and Jason Crandell, to name but a few. His greatest teachers, however, are the students he’s had the privilege of guiding, which provides ongoing texture and dimension to his continually evolving practice. Bruce believes that the path of yoga is a life-long expedition to self-reflection and realisation, and is passionate about sharing this message through his classes.


Lisa is a yoga teacher from Brussels. She’s been practicing Hatha Yoga since 2010 and did her first teacher training with Barath Shetty in Mysore, India in 2015 while she was still studying. After her masters in Environmental management, she worked in that field for a few years and one thing leading to another decided to teach yoga full time. Since then she’s been continuously training – in restorative yoga, prenatal yoga and more.In 2018, she found Katonah Yoga®️ through DagesJuvelier Keates and kept following her all over Europe for a few years until she went to New York to meet Katonah’s founder NevineMichaan and get certified. She’s the only Katonah Yoga teacher in Belgium and would be thrilled to make you discover the practice she fell in love with. Her classes are a blend of all the influences – mostly Hatha with Katonah Yoga breathing techniques and theory as well as some added techniques that she picked up over the years.

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Ananda is a movement practitioner, teacher, and constant student. She began her yoga practice in NYC in 2002, and has been teaching internationally, whilst exploring diverse movement disciplines along the way, since 2008. Ananda has studied with Vidya Heisel of Frog Lotus Yoga (Andalusia, Spain), Jasmine Tarkeshi and Dana Flynn of Laughing Lotus (San Francisco), Jill Miller of Yoga Tune Up® (Los Angeles), Andres Vesga of the Ido Portal Method (Hong Kong), and Olivier Goetgeluck of Fighting Monkey (Antwerp). Over the years, she has come to believe that universal principles underlie all systems and that integration, as opposed to compartmentalization, enhances quality of life. Ananda believes in authenticity, autonomy, and creative expression in teaching. Her classes combine athleticism with intelligence, lyricism with methodology, the sensual with the cerebral.

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yoga teacher


Originally from France, Emilie discovered yoga in Portugal in 2015 and has been practicing ever since. While exploring different styles of yoga, she took a particular interest in the Vinyasa and Hatha practice, of which in 2020 she became a certified teacher. Eager to share all the benefits of this practice with others, she started teaching in Brussels. In her classes, expect to explore asanas moving consciously with the help of the breath to go deeper and even more inward for a moment of connection with your body, mind and soul. Her classes are suitable for all yogis; beginners are more than welcome!


Giulia is originally from Italy, and was “adopted” by Belgium in 2012. Her yoga journey started in 2014, when she discovered and fell in love with the practice of Ashtanga, mainly for its discipline and physically-demanding side. During the years that followed, after her first teacher training and while working through some injuries, her approach to yoga slowly changed, bringing her closer to its therapeutic side. This eventually led her to study Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda, in order to incorporate these tools with her students and in her own life. In her classes she tries to bring together what she has learnt during these years, in order to create well-rounded classes and flows that aim to bring balance and harmony in the body and mind.

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Daniel took his first yoga teacher training in 2012. He is a multi-skilled yoga teacher. Among other things, he specialised in human physiology, so that he could have a better understanding of how the body adapts to effort. He’s also a high-level climbing athlete and coach. Recently, he partnered with professional athletes, teaching them the practice of yoga in order to improve their bodies and mindsets. Daniel is always looking for new challenges, so don’t be surprised about some creative transitions and arm balancing poses that you may discover during his classes. At the House of Yoga, he primarily teaches arm balances and inversions.


Mathilde discovered yoga in 2015 and it quickly became her favorite healing practice for back pain and anxiety. After obtaining her first teacher certification in 2018, she acquired more than 500 hours of training and practised with renowned teachers. Convinced that “yoga is for all”, Mathilde’s inclusive approach has led her to design classes for young and pain-free yogis, as well as people with specific conditions such as seniors and pregnant people. Beyond the physical practice, Mathilde views yoga as a social tool, as it enables us to experience more meaningful connections off the mat. Among other things, at the House of Yoga, Mathilde teaches prenatal yoga. Her classes are focused on supporting women with the changes taking place at each stage of pregnancy as well as preparing their body and mind for delivery.